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Asian brides

Escaping poverty, instability and war, Asian mail order bride increasingly marry foreigners. Over the past ten years, the proportion of mixed marriages in the world has doubled. In the international review from one of the most famous Asian girls dating service it is noted that in general in the countries of Asia, the number of marriages over the past ten years has decreased by almost one and a half, but the number of concluded unions of Asian brides with foreigners is growing. In 2008, 11.4 thousand mixed weddings were registered in France, and in 2017 - already 15.5 thousand. That is, if in 2008 every 30th marriage was with Asian brides, then in 2017 - every 15th th And this data is only for marriages in France. For example, in Poland over the past two years, the number of marriages concluded by local residents with Asian brides has more than doubled - from 400 to 1 thousand.

The preferences of the Asian brides themselves according to the countries of origin of the grooms have also changed. If 10 years ago the lion’s share of “external” gentlemen came from the CIS - more than 60%, now representatives of European countries have taken the first places. Moreover, the French and Italians most of all - almost 40%, Europeans - 31%, followed by people from Africa, America, Australia and Oceania. The popularity of overseas husbands among Asian women is also confirmed in marriage agencies. According to their calculations, the number of marriages with foreigners over the past five years has increased at least twice, and the number of appeals from Asian singles to international matchmakers has increased no less than five times.

Moreover, if previously, mostly young girls of model appearance, looking for a rich patron abroad, came to the agencies to become their husbands, now Asian women 35–50 years old are actively looking for foreign grooms, including those with young children from previous marriages.


Mail Order Brides: notion and concept


Psychologists are convinced that the desire to marry a foreigner lies in the subconscious of almost every third Asian girl. In turn, Western men also constantly experience the anomalous attraction of beautiful Asian brides. “Modern Americans, European men are not spoiled by good attitude towards themselves,” explained the director of one of the international marriage agencies. - Women abroad are more emancipated, they take less care of themselves. Here is the stronger sex and pulls to Asians, where respect for the man in the blood."

This trend has long been noticed by the owners of Asian dating sites, who realized that it smells like big money. Today on the Internet you can find about 5 thousand companies that are ready to help meet two loneliness - Asian and foreign. The services of which legitimate Asian dating sites are reduced to placing profiles on Internet sites. Absolutely free, any foreign bride or Asian girl can place all of their personal data on their page, except for the phone (this information is classified). The first few days the questionnaire hangs on the site in one of the most prominent places, then goes to the archive. To put it back on public display will have to pay. Send an SMS message costing $ 3, and your profile will be in the top ten most readable. Those who from the contemplation of the photos want to go to direct communication, also have to pay. In exchange for the next SMS-message, they will send you the contact information of the object they have liked.

Reputable Asian women dating agencies are usually divided into two types. The first receive the main income from Asian beauties, the second - from foreigners. “We focus on providing additional services to clients,” explained Stilloving's marriage agency. - If a girl is pretty and young, then we post her photo for free. But for the "promotion" of the questionnaire (that is, placing it on the most visited sites) will have to pay from 10 dollars to one hundred dollars a week. If, in spite of all the efforts, the matter does not reach the wedding in any way, we offer the services of our psychologist to the beauties. One session costs about $ 100 (two times higher than the average rate of the psychoanalyst). We also have a hairdresser, make-up artist and cosmetologist in our staff. It’s known that Western men prefer sleek, stylish women. About $ 300 is worth a set of photos in which an Asian girl looks like candy. ”

Why Asian brides willingly become mail order brides?


For a long time in the world there is a fashion for Asian wives. The legend about beautiful, kind, economic, almost ideal women who are born, grow and live in the territory of Asia walks everywhere. According to this legend, almost everyone dreams, just wants to marry a foreigner. Even if not the first freshness / youth. The most interesting thing is that this legend is not so far from the truth. In Asia, women have long had a special relationship with foreigners. With the development of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of Asian dating sites, specialized sites also appeared - only for Asian brides and foreign grooms.

It is worth noting that even now, when it became known that the life of Asian wives abroad is not so cloudless, while living abroad, women face a lot of difficulties and problems that often do not eliminate the need to work and engage in everyday life, Asian women are all equally attracts "abroad". They still dream of a beautiful fairy tale, and this, despite the numerous cases that Asian mothers are taken away children and deprived of their parental rights, despite stories that in another country, women find it difficult to adapt and accept the characteristics of local life, culture and traditions. The hardest thing is to accept another faith, get closer to your spouse's relatives and friends, learn the language, get a more or less good job, etc. - the list is huge. Therefore, to decide on such a serious step can only be out of despair or out of stupidity, or, rarely, because of great love. It is possible to doubt the feelings of brides because Asian women love with their ears, and even knowing the language well, in which they can communicate with their counterparts, talk heart to heart is unlikely to work out, which is why the spouses can never get close to each other spiritually, which is important for almost any Asian woman. Therefore, if you have dreamed all your life to live in Paris or New York, then you can fully fulfill your dream by going there to study or get a job, and the best way to build a relationship with someone with whom you will have a full understanding and, highly desirable, the same religion, even if you do not go to church every Sunday. Religion is a unique thing. Even being very optional and not perceived seriously, she will always help you in difficult times. And religious differences, even in those families in which both partners are not strongly believers, at the most important moment can turn into a problem that has no solution.






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Which country is considered to be the best in order to search for Asian brides?

Can't find a bride? Then you probably will be curious to know that European men have long started using the services of searching for a future wife on the Internet. Asian wife finder is invited to the top most popular countries, according to Europeans with the best Asian brides:


  1. Vietnam - despite the fact that here the marriage Internet business is developed relatively not long ago and the majority of brides living in suburban villages do not have access to the Internet, Asian brides are at the place of honor among wives from exotic countries. In general, interracial marriages, where the Vietnamese woman was a wife, were far from uncommon; during the war, American soldiers saw in Vietnamese women refined manners, elegant beauty and magical charming mystery. Since then, in men, Vietnamese women have been associated with the most exotic, romantic, tender and beautiful persons;

  2. China - if you want Asian traditional beauty, then you will definitely need to find a bride in China, since it is believed that there are the least mestizos here. Many men believe that Chinese women are a bit aggressive, but this small nuance is justified by their charm and ability to find a compromise. From the movies you can see that Chinese women rarely traveled outside their own country, which would make it difficult for them to get used to a new culture and life. But, despite this, every man wants to marry a miniature porcelain doll with all its whims;

  3. Thailand - poverty and a large number of women have made this country one of the most attractive in the marriage market. Thai women are fabulous beauty, which is carefully monitored and supported. However, they are not the most "quality" spouses, the fact is that they have almost no, innate instinct of the mother, since they spend most of their time on themselves. But this fact justifies their charm and magical aura, which the western suitors love so much;

  4. Philippines - the culture of the Philippines is considered one of the most open in comparison with other Asian countries, they have happy happy families, but the high poor level forces them to leave their homeland. This fact makes it easier to meet Asian singles, and as foreigners speak of them, they are very attentive, gentle and caring.


Asian wife: what should European husband expect?


If a man is lucky to meet an Asian love, he can forget what home obligations are, an Asian woman will do all this on her own:


  1. Be able to cook. And do not pass this honorable duty on her husband. If the husband is forced to eat dumplings and other convenience foods, you should not be surprised if his wife is about to change;
  2. To take on the lion’s share of the current household work that does not require great physical strength. Wipe the dust there, clean the floors, keep the hearth shorter and keep it cozy;
  3. Go shopping in the store yourself. Instead of driving a husband to a heart attack with a three-hour shopping. Naturally, no one bothers her to call in the evening and say: "Honey, I forgot to buy bread, jump in, please, on the way home to the store," but you should not abuse it;
  4. To assume the main role in the upbringing of children. Change the diaper. Take back / take child to / from kindergarten / school;
  5. Drive a car (to ease the points 3 and 4);
  6. Have the basic skills of cutting and sewing. At the level of the hole mend, sew a button;
  7. Wash. This is not even discussed. A MAN MUST NOT GENERALLY THINK FROM WHERE THE CLEAR SHIRTS GET INTO THE WARDROBE AND HOW THE WASHING MACHINE IS TURNED ON. By the way, the fact that after washing a shirt still needs to be ironed, a man should also not know;
  8. To be able to handle money and plan a family budget. Because paragraph 3. How much does washing powder, toothpaste, bread, or even razor blades cost — it is completely unnecessary for a man to know.


Why Asian women are the best for marriage?


Recently, marriages with foreigners are becoming increasingly popular. Many Asian brides meet and happily marry “strangers” and leave with them to sunny Italy, northern Denmark or distant Brazil. We understand together what attracts foreigners in Asian girls:

  • They are more beautiful and feminine - it has long been a secret that Asian girls are considered among the most attractive in the world. Tourists from other countries who come to Asian countries are often surprised by two things: the beauty of Asian women and their submission. In addition, according to foreigners, girls from Asia are more feminine, they have a clear understanding of what is “male” and “female”. It is more pleasant to look after such girls, they have good manners and gentle nature;

  • They are “sharpened” for the family - in recent decades, the following tendency has become firmly established among women in Europe: first, a career and “stand up”, then a family. Europeans often get married and give birth after 35, after they have climbed the career ladder - for them this is the norm. Asian girls, on the contrary, tend to get married as soon as possible. Not all of them are psychologically ready for marriage and children at an early age, but almost everyone wants to “have time to 30”;

  • They are faithful and devoted wives - it is widely known that women in Europe look at polygamous relationships and betrayals differently, including. For example, in France it is considered absolutely normal when a wife introduces a husband to her lover, and vice versa. Asian girls are scared to imagine something like that. If our compatriot gets married, then she is confident in herself and her chosen one. She does not need to seek to satisfy her needs "on the side." When she marries, she consciously takes responsibility for her choices;

  • They are good housewives - almost every Asian lady in her childhood as a mother and grandmother talked about the importance of being able to cook and keep the house clean in order to get married successfully. Women from Asia literally absorbed this truth "with mother's milk", and for many foreigners their ability to cook and be a keeper of the "hearth" is a great advantage;

  • They are not spoiled and not capricious - in the opinion of men from other countries, Asian girls have an important advantage: they are not demanding and do not torture the spouse with their eternal tricks. They gratefully appreciate what they have and instead of scandal over another stupid reason, they think about what else good can be done for their man. Foreigners say: “picky - this is not about Asian women!”;

  • They support patriarchy - every year the Europeans become more and more emancipated, independent and feminist. You can not say about Asian women. They are more dependent on men psychologically and financially, they still have strong patriarchal foundations. Asian women, unlike European women, clearly distinguish between roles in the family and do not compete with their husbands for the role of leader.

Is the stay of Asian brides legal at the territory of foreign countries?


Any Asian dating service will provide services for collecting the necessary documents for a fee. Experienced staff will do all the paperwork for you so that the stay of the Asian mail order bride in your country will be legitimate. Therefore, you can independently download the appropriate apps to any mobile gadget and find out what documents you need.


Asian Mail Order Brides: which emotions do they evoke in European society?


Asian mail order wife sees flaws and tolerates them. Does not make the brain and does not try to redo the husband for their requests. She is happy for her husband and proud of his achievements, be it sport or poker on Fridays. Supports in various undertakings, does not try to discourage new ideas. From here comes the absence of criticism, if you make a mistake somewhere or do something differently. Ideal Asian wife inspires her husband, for her even more want to strive and achieve their goals. The husband knows how proud she will be and thank him for any pleasant trifle, even if it is the only flower once a month. The husband is inspired by her emotional return. She also gives her husband a personal space. Understands that if he works a lot, this is a reason to support and praise him. And not to get mad that he is not around, and to call, distracting from meetings.

Asian wife is not satisfied with hysteria and resolves conflicts calmly. You know, whatever happens, you will not be thrown into the dishes, and your wardrobe will not fly out the window. It is important that she does not assume male duties. Do not climb into your affairs, does not interfere with them to cope and does not try to solve everything herself. She listens to you, obeys your decisions. Can advise something, but no more. She understands and acknowledges that the man in the house is the main one.

If you both make good money, a good Asian wife will not boast about her success, but will praise you in front of her acquaintances. She will keep her merits with her, while voicing that you are her earner. If you bring a huge mammoth hunted into the house, she doesn’t snort with the words that her yesterday's mammoth was fatter, and his tail is much more silky. She will rejoice at all your achievements and will not try to compete with you in anything.




Not every Asian girl will be able to plunge into the catalog of marriage agencies making profits from overseas grooms. The main conditions are: classical parameters 90/60/90, age not older than 27 years, regular facial features, higher education. It is for such girls that wealthy foreign businessmen are willing to pay half of their wealth to marriage agencies. “With girls who have the potential to become a mistress or Asian bride online of a foreign businessman, we don’t take any money at all,” said the owner of an elite Asian date agency. - On the contrary, we help them in every way. At our own expense, we bring them into the “presentation”, make beautiful pictures, write mysterious summaries. Paying men who want to meet. And pay differently, the amount in each case is negotiated individually. "

The prices in such companies vary greatly depending on the solvency of the groom and the attractiveness of the bride. Starting from $ 100 for the phone number of the girl you like - this method is popular when a man doesn’t know how to meet Asian girls but wants to take the situation completely under control. In difficult cases, if any serious demands are made, men will have to fork out up to 5-6 thousand dollars. But, as a rule, girls from elite agencies go down the aisle for $ 500.